About us



Grandbyte Computers Ltd are a International wholesale trader specialising in the volume trade of worldwide distribution of mobile phones, tablets, computer components & consumer electronics.


Grandbyte was founded in 1997 By Viren Solanki, a well established and experienced account manager who prior to founding Grandbyte worked for several leading companies within the industry. Also on the executive board Shabel Miah whom has a vast experience & knowledge of the IT industry. Grandbyte at present main stay of business is the wholesale of PC components and brokerage. The company has made a commercial decision to diversify into the wholesale gaming industry & telecommunications.


The decision was based on the introduction of new gaming consoles such as, PS3, Xbox & Wii. along with Mobile Phones, Tablets brands Apple & Samsung. With the new financial year fast approaching it was a great timing for Grandbyte to enter into the Gaming, Mobile Phones wholesale market.


The technology and gaming market is ever evolving with innovated products and Grandbyte managing to source the captivated market. With over 25 years experience in the industry we have developed strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers, which coupled with our extensive product knowledge offers our customers the continuity, stability and reliability they require.