PS5 Release Date NEWS: Sony PlayStation shock following surprise Call of Duty announcement

This week the PS5 news has been dominated by none other than a job listing for Infinity Ward’s upcoming Call of Duty game.

The reason for this is because the listing implies that the job role suggests that the game is in development for multiple next-gen platforms.

According to the job listing on the recruiting website SelectMinds, Infinity Ward are hiring a temporary narrative scripter to work on a “new, exciting, unannounced” game that is in development for “multiple next-gen platforms.”

To be clear, the listing doesn’t explicitly say this is for Call of Duty, but given that Infinity Ward has developed nothing outside of Call of Duty games, you’d be surprised if they’re hiring for anything else.

At this stage, it’s widely believed that any next-gen system, both for PS5 and Microsoft’s next Xbox, would arrive, at the earliest, 2020.

The implication then, is that either, next-gen consoles are coming much sooner than everyone is anticipating, or Infinity Ward are not developing next years Call of Duty game, but the year after.

The only problem with the latter, is that generally speaking, Call of Duty developers work on three-year cycles, with next year being the turn of Infinity Ward.

Equally the only way this could change, in our mind, iis if a new developer is being lined up for a new yearly Call of Duty release. Who knows, maybe Raven Software, who worked on the Modern Warfare Remaster, could be stepping up to the plate.

Only time will tell…

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