Services we provide

services2With our logistical partners across the globe we always ensure timely deliveries, hassle free shipping and meticulously packed goods to ensure that all your goods are in the best condition possible.


Grandbyte sourcing and buying powers enables us to be one step ahead of the game by obtaining daily market information and pricing in order to give our customers clear forecasting for stock requirements, ever-increasing demand means that our stock sells fast so we constantly replenish stock and sell for the most competitive prices.


Grandbyte customer base is a mixture of Resellers, Public sector, Traders & Distributors. One of our core strategies for marketing is to work with new and existing clientele base and source products which are either in constraint or EOL.


We have a solid reputation for being honest and transparent with all transactions.


Trusted Services




Our Customers

We take much pride in anticipating and responding to our customer`s needs. We will always provide them with a significantly better choice of high quality products and excellent value for money, from an attractive and valuable organisation who understands their needs.


Our product and service excellence will be the key factor for repeat business, due to our commitment to listening to our customers needs and wants, rather than providing what we think they want or waiting for them to come back to us. We take pride in protecting our customers’ interests.

Our Suppliers

We work in very close partnership with only the biggest distributors and industry stakeholders in Europe and across the globe. In order to source our products quickly and efficiently, all our suppliers like us share the same common goal.


We always aim to develop long term relationships of mutual respect and understanding with our suppliers and trading partners. We will endeavour to help our supplier; with information about our market needs and requirements so that we can together develop long term products and services to help us both become more successful in what we do.